May 3, 2019

At Home Engagement Session

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When you want to HAVE to include your fur babies into your session, what better way to  than having your engagement session at home?! Since we often tell our couples to pick locations and ideas based off their personalities and their own unique adventures, what’s more personal and perfect than your own home? Diane & David had the most adorable home they’ve created together, (check out that amazing blue wall!) and we are so happy we could photograph their whole family there!

We asked Diane & David to tell us what they love about each other, they said “David would say one thing he loves about me (arguably what he loves most) is how goofy I am. Serious, overly emotionally situations make me uncomfortable so I usually break it up with humor. But I also am random and I’m like that even when things aren’t serious. He’ll be cooking dinner and we’ll be having a perfectly normal conversation, then he’ll look over and I’ll just be dancing while he’s talking. And not cute dancing, but awkwardly bad dancing. I always keep him on his toes and keep him laughing.” This is something we saw first hand at their engagement session and we loved every moment of it!

Diane also said, “One thing I love about David is how caring and sweet he is. When I first started my job and was living alone in NJ, it wasn’t long before I truly hated it. I was miserable. I didn’t know anyone in the area, I didn’t want to go to work, and I had nothing to do when I got home. We would spend every weekend together, alternating who traveled to the other. One day I had a truly terrible and rough day at work (I can’t even remember what happened now, just that it was the most miserable I ever remember being at that job). It was a Wednesday or a Thursday, but definitely mid-week. I was complaining to him about it while I was at work, and he was obviously upset that I was upset. I got back to my apartment only to find that he had left work early so that he could beat me home. He had let himself in, cleaned up, went shopping, and had everything ready to he could make me dinner. He even bought me flowers and they were waiting for me. It was so sweet and heart warming and really turned my entire day around. Any time I’m having a bad day or something is wrong, maybe I’m sick or just exhausted, he always tries to go above and beyond to take care of me. It may not always be a lot, it might just be cooking dinner and then cleaning it up, but he always tries. That is one of my favorite things about him.”

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