May 1, 2019

Before + Afters – Kate & Jill


There is no doubt the amount of work and skill that goes into a wedding day or session for photographers, but what about behind the scenes after that day is over? For us, that is when a lot of the work actually starts! From uploading the photos, culling your session (getting rid of those silly faces and blinks), editing, uploading to your gallery and then sending off to YOU, who has been waiting so patiently to see your beautiful memories! It’s a process! Not to mention all the social media updates that go along with this.

The one part of that process that takes the most time is editing! We want to give our clients THE. BEST. So we make sure they are up to our standards ever single time! Color corrections, cropping and straightening, blemishes, background distractions and so much more.

There are so many editing styles out there, and every photographer edits differently! When choosing a photographer it is important to consider not only their shooting style but also their editing style. We  like to stick with a timeless style so our clients can continue to use us over and over throughout their lives!

We wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look at what we are doing after your wedding day or session. Here are some fun before and afters!











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