December 18, 2018

Carriage House Wedding – Galloway, NJ

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Jessica and Rob’s Carriage House wedding in Galloway, NJ took place on the most gorgeous autumn day at the end of September. Jess immediately fell in love with the dreamy feel of the southern mansion and the gorgeous outdoor ceremony space. It was noting short of the timeless and romantic feel she was going for on their big day.

Jess continued the timeless look with colors of blush, Champagne, Rose Gold and Navy. Her bridesmaids wore blush floor length halter dresses and the groomsman wore navy suits. The beautiful detail of lace in her veil and dress paired perfectly with her sparkly shoes and dreamy florals. Her dress hung on an cute personalized hanger with her new last name.

Her adorable “something blue” is the best we have ever seen. Rob put on his police uniform for Jessica and she had the cutest sign that says “He’s my something blue”. We love sweet personal touches like this!

The happy tears are coming because these two gave each other the sweetest most thoughtful gifts. Rob gave Jess a map of the constellation of the night sky from that exact night of their wedding. This is one of the sweetest gift ideas we have ever seen! His mom gave her the most heartfelt handkerchief note welcoming her into their family. They both wrote sweet heartfelt notes to each other that they will absolutely cherish forever.

Their family and friends were overjoyed to support the new happy couple. Their speeches were very animated involving props and jokes toward the bride & groom while still remaining heartfelt, of course. Seeing them surrounded in so much love made us so happy.

Enjoy the smiles, laughter and beautiful details from this sweet couple’s big day!


Photographers: kate & jill
Florist: Betina’s
DJ: Time of your life entertainment

Wedding shoes and veil

Wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses hanging

Wedding details handkerchief

Wedding shoes with veil

Wedding dress hanging on mirror

Bride reading letter

bride opening wedding gift

bride wedding gift stars

bride putting dress on

Bride getting ready photos

bride putting veil in

bride getting ready with family

Bride with bridesmaids in robesat Carriage House

groom getting ready

groom looking out window

groomsman getting ready

groom reading letter

groom opening gift at Carriage House

groom buttoning sleeve


groomsman walking in sunglasses

bride and groom first look at Carriage House

first look bride and groom wedding day

first look wedding day

bride and groom touching foreheads

bride and groom portraits

bride and groom walking at Carriage House

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom veil photo

police officer groom husband at Carriage House

staircase wedding photos bride and groom at Carriage House

staircase wedding party photos at Carriage House

wedding party walking

bridesmaids portraits


bridesmaids flowers

groomsman portraits

groomsman laughing photo

welcome sign at wedding

the carriage house wedding venue setup

wedding doors

groom walking down aisle

bride walking down aisle

father giving bride away

bride and groom saying vows

groom looking at bride

first kiss bride and groom

wedding kiss

bride and groom walking back down aisle

wedding decor

wedding staircase decor

wedding table decor

wedding table reception decor

wedding cake

wedding table setup


first dance bride and groom

bride and groom dance

bride and groom dancing


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