April 7, 2019

What to Wear for your Engagement Session

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You are ENGAGED! So what’s next?

One of the biggest events during your engagement is having an engagement photoshoot!  Not only is this session great for sending out save the dates but they are also a great way for you to get to know us, as your photographers, and to practice being in front of the camera for your wedding day! You probably already have thoughts running through your head of what everyone will be wearing on your wedding day (let’s be real, you have had these thoughts for quite some time now), but first let’s think about some other important outfit planning! Here are 11 tips for what to wear for your engagement session!


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1 . Express Your Style

When preparing what to wear, be true to yourself, but work it a little more! What we mean by this is wear something you are comfortable in. Your engagement session is not the time to try out a whole new fashion style that you have never tried before, but rather, a chance to dress up your favorite style. On the other hand, don’t be afraid of venturing out a little bit! Here is a link to our pinterest ideas board if you want a little more of a visual!

GIRLS: If you would normally wear a skirt and top, try a tulle skirt! If you would normally wear jeans and a cardigan, try some jeans and a sequined sweater or off the shoulder top!

GUYS: If you normally wear jeans and a t-shirt, try jeans, dress shoes and dressing up that t-shirt with a blazer. A casual suit is also nice, or even your favorite jeans with a button up shirt.


couple sitting on bench engagement session


2 . Be Timeless Rather Than Trendy

You will want these photos to last a lifetime! Wearing something too trendy might have you looking back at these photos a year later thinking “What am I wearing?” We do not want that! Stray away from things that seem to be short term trends.


3 . Think About the Season

If it’s winter, bundle up! If its summer, run around barefoot! The worst thing you can do is wear a cute little dress in the freezing cold weather. You will be extremely uncomfortable and sadly, it will show! Feel free to base your session date around your attire. If you’ve always wanted to wear a long flowing dress on the beach, pick spring or summer. If you’ve always imagined wearing an oversized sweater with adorable boots, the fall or winter will work in your favor.


couple kissing winter time tree farm

what to wear for your engagement session

4 . Think About the Location

Branching off from our last point, your location matters just as much as the season when it comes to your outfits. For example, you don’t want to to be wearing a pair of stilletto heals on the beach! Be mindful of where you will be taking the photos and how your outfit will incorporate! Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, (ie. fancy attire in the middle of a field) so we are more than happy to brainstorms ideas with you!


5 . Coordinate but Don’t Match

When choosing your outfits, wear something that is somewhat coordinating but not matching. If you don’t dress like each other every other day of the week, we don’t recommend dressing the same for your session! Think coordinating patterns and colors! Mustard yellow & navy blue, plaid & stripes, burgundy and pale green, … and the list goes on!


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engagement session

6 . Flatter Your Body Type

We want you to feel your best in your photos and feeling comfortable in your clothes is the first step. We do our part in photographing you to flatter your body type, so you do your part in finding the best clothes that do the same!


7 . Accessorize

Scarfs, hats and jewelry OH MY! Throw in some cute accessories to spice up your look! Don’t go overboard, just enough to add to your look but not take away from you and your significant other! Often times, we will have you take off your scarf or hat for a few shots just to give you even more of a variety.


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bike engagement session

8 . Dressy & Casual

If there is a place to change, bringing along another outfit is great too, but not mandatory! Some couples wear a dressier outfit and change into something a little more casual. But feel free to nail it with just one outfit!


9 . Hair & Makeup

Some girls will have their practice run regarding hair and makeup for the engagement shoot. This helps them feel a little more ‘done-up’ for the shoot and boosts their confidence. We are not saying you HAVE to do this! However, what we can say is that in our experience shooting engagement sessions, women want to feel extra beautiful and confident…and sometimes spending a little extra time getting ready achieves just that.

what to wear for your engagement session

guy kissing girls cheek on the beach


10 . Plan Ahead

Plan everything from head to toe including accessories well before your session! You don’t want to get to the day of your session and be scrambling to find a pair of shoes that match your outfit. If it’s been awhile since you got engaged think about getting your ring cleaned as well!


11 . Fur Babies

BRING THEM! We love when couples include their fur babies in their photos! This is also a great way to help you loosen up! Fur babies make everyone happy right? (We always ask that couples bring along a fur babysitter so we have some alone time with just the two of you as well!)


couple walking with dog and dog photo




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