March 3, 2020

The importance of an engagement session

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engagement session blogpost
“We don’t really need an engagement session.”

Gone are the days of picking a local park, awkwardly smiling at the camera and maybe even posing around a tree or two. 😉

Engagement sessions act as more than just a photo for your save the date or engagement announcement, it is a chance to get you warmed up in front of the camera and a time to get to know your photographer. We tell each and every one of our couples that we want to be more than just your photographer, we want to be your friends. (and we actually mean it!) By spending an hour or two with our couples during their engagement session, we are given a chance to get to know you and your relationship. We watch the way you interact together and what types of poses make you look your best and which ones need tweaking to better suit you.

1. Let’s be friends! Think of it this way- you are with your photographer for more hours of the wedding day than your partner. Let us repeat that- YOU ARE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER FOR MORE HOURS OF YOUR WEDDING DAY THAN YOUR PARTNER. Let that sink in and then ask yourself if you want to be friends with your photographer before the big day. We think that should be an overwhelming response of YES! So when we tell couples that we want to be more than just your photographer, we really mean it. If the only time we got to get to know our couples was during the booking process and the wedding day, there’s no way we can truly get to know you. By including an hour or two of face to face time at a cool location, we are guaranteed time to chat and get to know one another better.

engagement session blog

2. What type of couple are you? Has anyone ever asked you that? Probably not. But it’s so important for your photographer to know. There is nothing worse than being asked to pose together and feeling so uncomfortable. If your photographer is putting you in unrealistic poses, you will feel it and it will show. Having an engagement session prior to your wedding day helps us see what type of couple you are. Are you an intimate and romantic couple? Do you feel more comfortable being silly together? Do you like to play games and laugh together? Do you want to snuggle up together and just make out? Maybe a mix of all! If any portion of that makes you uncomfortable, we can see it and we can change the direction of the shoot. If we wait until the wedding day to figure this out, we may waste a few too many minutes trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

3. An excuse to dress cute and go on a date. You’re welcome. We know you have busy lives, between your job, your social calendar, keeping your home in check, and remembering to take your dog for his daily walk, it’s a lot!  Your engagement session is the best reason to go on a date with just the two of you to just have fun! And since you’re dressed up, you might as well grab a bite to eat or a drink at the bar after your session. You’re welcome, again!

4. Your engagement session should be an adventure! Have you been wanting to throw axes, escape the room or paint while drinking? WE’RE IN! Do you want to hike a couple trails or check out some gorgeous scenery, we’ll hike right along side you! (We may be out of breath quicker than you, but we’ll be there!) Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to try a new experience! This all relates back to the beginning of this blog post. Gone are the days of sitting in a park posing for photos.

We hope those four reasons are making you jump with excitement. We assume you already have a notebook and pen out (We’re a little old school, so maybe you have your iPhone out…) ready to write down all your ideas and start planning your engagement session!

engagement session blog


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