Eagle Manor Wedding

April 21, 2018

When looking for the perfect venue for their wedding, Amanda and Dan looked no further once they found Eagle Manor in Fairfield Township, New Jersey. (You may also notice a surprise guest (aka Matron of honor) throughout these photos..which means this wedding was shot by Jill and kate & jill associate, Mandy ) Amanda and […]


groom, this post is for you! Tips for the groom on his wedding day

April 15, 2018

This One’s for the Groom on his wedding day!….. Ladies, grab your groom, they should read this one! People often put most of their focus on the bride, but believe it or not, you are a part of the story too! You may not feel the need to be gushed over and spend two hours […]


getting ready location- tips for finding the perfect spot

April 7, 2018

The getting ready location sometimes feels like an after thought, when in reality, it is a part of your story of the day. It should matter and match just as much as the ceremony and reception!     It’s so close you can feel it. You are just a few hours away from marrying the […]


McLoone’s Pier House Long Branch Wedding

March 30, 2018

We can’t stop reliving Scott and Tiffany’s beautiful and sweet wedding held at McLoone’s Pier House Long Branch, New Jersey. Scott and Tiffany met while sharing a tiny office at work about 7 years ago. They rarely spoke to each other except for a casual “hi” and “bye”. A few years later when Scott left […]


Is a wedding first look right for you?

March 24, 2018

Should you have a wedding“first look”? First things first, if you are not stalking wedding blogs (hi, we’re glad you’re here!) and pinning every wedding image you see, you may be asking, “what, exactly, is a wedding first look?” A first look is a moment planned for the bride and groom to see each other […]


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